Top 5 Reasons Why 2021 is the Best Year for the UK for Cruises

After the last year, the travel industry has taken a major hit, no more so than the cruise industry taking the brunt of it. The pandemic had forced all cruises to come to an immediate standstill.

Now, as we start to see a return to travel, cruises have been given the go-ahead for domestic sailings from May 17th. With international travel still uncertain with rules and regulations, demand for UK Sailings for this Summer hit an all-time high. 

Here’s why we think 2021 is the best year for a UK Cruise;

  1.  No need to catch a flight
    Guests will be looking for a stress-free kind of holiday. Guests will not have to wait in long queues at the airport and their holiday officially begins once on board the ship allowing for a longer period of stress-free.
  2.  World-leading hygiene protocols
    Cruise lines have been building hand sanitising stations and other hygiene measures into their hardware for years and as such are equipped for Covid-19 protocols. With advanced technology on board ships, touchpoints are reduced, enhanced ventilation systems are in place and capacity can be controlled and limited to increase social distancing measures.
  3. Great for those new to cruising
    Guests who are new to cruising should take advantage of the UK Sailings this summer. They can experience all a cruise has to offer at a much lower capacity.
  4. No need to wait for a traffic light system
    As guests will only be travelling around the UK and sometimes not even getting off the shop, guests have no need to worry about whether they have to quarantine or not upon their return, ensuring for stress-free planning and booking.
  5. Enough choice for the whole family
    As the vaccine rollout is underway, cruise liners have specified what Covid requirements passengers need to undertake prior to departing on their cruise. Some ask for all passengers to be vaccinated whilst others ask for negative PCR tests, whether vaccinated or not, there is a cruise line for all guests.

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